Diane Paterson

Diane is a trustee for Yorkshire Association for Music and Special Education Needs (YAMSEN) and leads training sessions, annual multisensory days and accompanies their Leeds Children’s Choir. Diane worked for Leeds Music Service (ArtForms) teaching music to children with additional needs before she retired in 2022. She continues to conduct their youth choir and teach singing. Together with Victoria Jaquiss, Diane wrote Addressing Special Educational Needs in the Curriculum – music, and has recently put together the YAMSEN publication Earwiggo Barging.

Yorkshire Association for Music and Special Educational Needs (YAMSEN)

YAMSEN is a group of people dedicated to and expert in creating inclusive opportunities around music.

Its members comprise teachers, volunteers, artists, musicians, non-musicians, and other participants with and without additional needs. It provides and support a range of activities for people with additional needs and those who work with them.