We are delighted to welcome our presenters to Convention 2018. Click on the images to find out more about each of them.

Emily Barden
John Barron
Amy Bebbington
James Bingham
Michael Bonshor
Frances Cooke
Xenia Davis
Neil Ferris
Lucy Griffiths
Susan Hollingworth
Charlotte Kitson
Alex Kyle
Thomas Leech
Craig Lees
Jonathan Griffith
Charles MacDougall
Shona Mackay
Monkey Magic
Shaun Matthew
James Meaders
Vytautas Miškinis
Sharon Moloney
Luzili Mulindi-King
Janet Oates
Manvinder Rattan
Oliver Rundell
Joanna Tomlinson
Em Whitfield Brooks
Paul Whittaker
Jenevora Williams
YAMSEN : Specially Music