August 26, 2018
  • 09:00 Annual General Meeting of abcd Lecture Theatre B
  • 09:00 Exhibition opens
  • 09:45 Bonus Session: Performing Rights - your questions answered

    Often a big subject of debate in choirs! Sharon Moloney from Making Music sets the record straight, explains the facts and answers your questions.

  • 10:30 Session 7a: Repertoire reading session Jubilee Room

    Music for community choirs, with Charles MacDougall. A Convention highlight for many, these brilliant sessions introduce you to new music for all kinds of voice combinations, some published by the composers themselves. Your key to fresh music for your concerts next year.

  • 10:30 Session 7b: YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic Lecture Theatre D

    YAMSEN is the Yorkshire Association for Music and Special Educational Needs, dedicated to and expert in creating inclusive opportunities around music, with members comprising teachers, volunteers, artists, musicians, and other participants with and without additional needs. In this session, YAMSEN staff share 40 years of experience forming and running choirs for people with learning difficulties/additional needs, sharing their ethos and providing examples of best practice.

  • 10:30 Session 7c: Bring back rehearsal sanity! Lecture Theatre B

    Would you like your choir to sing in tune? With a full, resonant sound? Would you like the best vocal exercises? This session is for you! Co-Founder, Artistic Director & Principal Conductor, Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY), Jonathan Griffith has decades' experience teaching young children, youths, teenagers, amateur, semi-professional, professional adults and older adults to become better musicians in rehearsals and performance. These proven techniques work in every rehearsal, making singers look forward to their practice time; every rehearsal becomes a learning experience.

  • 10:30 Session 7d: Meet the choir, New Dublin Voices Ace Room

    Find out more about our prize-winning guest choir from Dublin, their conductor Bernie Sherlock, and sing some of their repertoire. The choir takes special pleasure in exploring the music of living composers and has given numerous Irish and world premieres. They were awarded the Fleischmann International Trophy at the 2015 Cork International Choral Festival, won the Grand Prix at the 2nd International Baltic Sea Choir Competition in Latvia in 2017 and most recently were prize-winners at the Béla Bartók International Choir Competition just a few weeks ago.

  • 10:30 Session 7e: Young Conductors' Course G03 in Caedmon Hall
  • 11:30 Exhibition (tea and coffee)
  • 12:00 Session 8a: Repertoire reading session Jubilee Room

    Music for youth voices, with Joanna Tomlinson. A Convention highlight for many, these brilliant sessions introduce you to new music for all kinds of voice combinations, some published by the composers themselves. Your key to fresh music for your concerts next year.

  • 12:00 Session 8b: Conducting masterclass - SATB Acre Room

    With singers from local Leeds adult choirs. Three conductors will receive 15-20 minutes' individual tuition, along with observer delegates, led by Frances Cooke. A wonderful chance to get first-hand tips from the Associate Director of the Hallé Choir. To receive more details, email Rachel Greaves. A panel will choose those fortunate enough to take part.

  • 12:00 Session 8c: Composer panel forum Lecture Theatre B

    Including Alan Bullard, Shona Mackay and Vytautas Miškinis. Don’t miss this unique gathering of leading composers, each with their own distinctive sound, and find out their different working methods which bring about their success. Any composer or arranger will find this session inspirational as well as extremely useful. The session also includes information on Making Music's great scheme for choirs, Adopt-a-composer.

  • 12:00 Session 8d: tuning the high performance choir Lecture Theatre D

    With Michael Bonshor and Xenia Davis. This session introduces psychological concepts relating to group dynamics and social learning within group singing activities. It examines choral group dynamics and the role of the conductor in adult amateur choirs. Practical applications of evidence-based research will be demonstrated in interactive sections, encouraging participation in choral team-building exercises and singing as a group.

  • 13:00 Lunch and last chance for Exhibition
  • 14:30 Exhibition Closes
  • 14:30 Plenary: Discover Ethel Smyth Lecture Theatre B

    Chorus Director of the BBC Symphony Chorus and recognised as one of the country's leading teachers of choral conducting, Neil Ferris brings Convention to a stupendous close by leading you in a performance of Ethel Smyth's glorious Mass in D.

  • 16:00 Tea and farewells