August 27, 2017
  • 09:00 Annual General Meeting of abcd Holiday Inn, Renfrew Street
  • 09:45 Exhibition opens Opera Studio (AGOS)
  • 10:30 Session 7c: Music, life and faith Movement Room 2 (M2)

    With Paul Mealor. Professor of Composition at Aberdeen University since 2003, Paul’s list of works is many and varied. In this illustrated session, he talks about the particular challenges of setting religious texts to music.

  • 10:30 Session 7a: Will Todd - exploring my musical styles Rehearsal Room 2 (R2)

    A look at composing from a jazz and non-jazz perspective. Using various compositions Will will give some insights into how he creates music. Will Todd has been composing music since he started playing the piano by ear as a child and singing in his local church choir. As a lover of music making both amateur and professional he has written a wide range of music spanning from works for children through to complex works for professional performers. He has written orchestral music, stage music alongside an extensive catalogue of choral works.

  • 10:30 Session 7d: How to go from Meh to Wow: Harness the Power of Social Media, Marketing, Promotion and Community Movement Room 1 (M1)

    With Iris Derke, Co-Founder and General Director, Distinguished Concerts International, New York. Promote, socialise, have fun - tools, tips and crazy ideas on concert promotion from a seasoned, successful campaigner across the pond. Using social media, concert marketing, promotion, and ingenious new tools of the professional trade, see how you can adapt the tactics which have packed New York’s Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center to benefit your choir, your audience and your community. 

  • 10:30 Session 7b: Repertoire reading session - music for upper voices Ledger Room

    Conductor and teacher Mandy Miller introduces new repertoire from our exhibitor publishers for upper voices of all ages – great for school, youth and ladies choirs.

  • 11:30 Exhibition (tea and coffee) Opera Studio (AGOS)
  • 12:00 Session 8c: Composers' forum Rehearsal Room 2 (R2)

    Including Mårten Jansson, Paul Mealor and Will Todd. Don’t miss this unique gathering of leading composers, each with their own distinctive sound, and find out their different working methods which bring about their success. Any composer or arranger will find this session inspirational as well as extremely useful.

  • 12:00 Session 8b: Pace - the final frontier! Movement Room 2 (M2)

    With James Meaders, Associate Artistic Director and Conductor, DCINY. We’ve all been there – twenty tedious minutes rehearsing two bars, leaving just five for a whole movement. Choirs deserve better - engaging, well-planned rehearsals which move logically and efficiently from start to finish. James explains the vital topics of rehearsal planning and execution, including vocal matters, order and sequence, new material and physical engagement. Ultimately, it’s all about pace!

  • 12:00 Session 8d: Dementia and the power of music Ledger Room

    Combining 30 years’ experience in the field of dementia with active music-making, Diana Kerr explains how best to harness music’s power to help people with this condition. Covering the effects of dementia, research on dementia and music, plus how to run a dementia singing group, her session will have plenty of time for discussion and lots of questions.

  • 12:00 Session 8a: Let's make an opera! Movement Room 1 (M1)

    Edward and Clare Caswell moved to Cromarty, Ross-shire (pop. c.700) in August 2012; a year later Cromarty West Church echoed to the sound of Noye's Fludde: Cromarty Youth Opera was up and running! With a production every year and a fifth-anniversary commission planned, they explain their model and demonstrate how it could work elsewhere, with videos from their first five productions.

  • 13:00 Lunch and last chance for Exhibition Opera Studio (AGOS)
  • 14:30 Sing farewell Stevenson Hall

    What more appropriate way to end Convention than to sing Parry’s Songs of Farewell? With a view to Parry’s centenary in 2018 Jeremy Jackman devotes our final plenary session to studying and performing these glorious pieces, including the less well-known ones.

  • 14:30 Exhibition Closes
  • 16:00 Tea and farewells Jack Bruce Space