Caledonian Court to Breakfast

Breakfast is being served at the Glasgow Caledonian Campus, which is a very short walk from Caledonian Court, taking around 5 minutes. It should be clearly signed but here are some instructions to help.


  • Exit from Caledonian Court via the pedestrian exit onto Dobbie’s Loan, which you will need to cross. If it’s quiet you might be able to get straight across all four lanes but you might prefer to turn right and walk to the crossing. Either way you are aiming to get to the signed  “Dobbie’s Loan Entrance”, which is opposite and a few yards down the road.
  • There are half a dozen metal steps down into the car park. If steps are a problem for you then you can continue down Dobbie’s loan and walk around the corner instead of taking this shortcut. The main entrance off Milton Street is hard to miss.
  • Walk across the car park and cross the road.
  • Keeping your back to the car park, follow the footpaths to walk through the gap between the building ahead of you and you will emerge into a square in front of the Saltire Centre.
  • Breakfast will be served in the building marked in the plan below.

Site plan showing suggested route.

Click for larger view