Buchanan Street Bus Station to Caledonian Court accommodation

The accommodation is just 9 minutes away from Buchanan Street Bus Station, and the route could not be much simpler, and it’s mostly flat so you won’t have any trouble with your luggage.


  • Exit from the main entrance and turn left to walk along Killermont Street for just a few yards.
  • Turn left on North Hanover Street and continue until you reach Dobbie’s Loan.
  • Turn left to proceed along Dobbie’s Loan, but use the pedestrian crossing so that you are walking on the right hand side.
  • Caledonian Court pedestrian entrance on Dobbie’s Loan

    Despite what the map may show below, we suggest you continue beyond Calgary Street until you come to the pedestrian entrance to Caledonian Court, which will be the most convenient access to and from our other Convention venues.

  • The security guard will direct you to your accommodation; their office is open 24 hours.

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