Breakfast to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Once you’ve had your breakfast, this route will get you to the RCS in about 7 minutes. NB The venue for Sunday’s AGM is the Holiday Inn, which you will pass on this route, so you may wish to note where it is as you pass it.


  • Leaving breakfast at Glasgow Caledonian University, head south towards Cowcaddens Road, with the Buchanan Street Bus Station ahead of you and the John Lewis store behind that.
  • Cross to the other side of Cowcaddents Road using the pedestrian crossing and turn right. You will then be able to take steps to your left. Note there are two options: the first flight will take you through the Bus Station and concourse; a second set a little further along will take you around the outside of the concourse. Either is fine.
  • When you reach Killermont Street, turn right. You should already be able to see the Conservatoire a few blocks ahead of you.
  • The Holiday Inn

    Within a few metres you will cross is West Nile Street and you should notice the Holiday Inn on the corner (venue for Sunday’s AGM).

  • Continue as Killermont Street becomes Renfrew Street, then crossing Renfield Street, followed by Hope Street, on the corner of which you will have arrived at the Royal Conservatoire.
  • Enter via the outside steps to the first floor or continue around them to the ground floor reception if you would rather take the lift.


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