The Norwegian Student Choral Society

The Norwegian Student Choral Society conducted by Marit Tøndel Bodsberg

The internationally award-winning Norwegian Student Choral Society (Den norske Studentersangforening) is a male voice choir made up mainly of young academics from the University of Oslo, but also academic graduates from Bergen and Trondheim. The choir is the official male choir at the University of Oslo and the second oldest choir in Norway, preserving a rich musical culture that spans all the way back to the Norwegian national romanticism of the early 19th century. Their repertoire ranges from Bach to Bellman, from barbershop to opera, from National Romanticism to popular music.

Marit Tøndel Bodsberg

Marit Tøndel Bodsberg

Marit Tøndel Bodsberg is a graduate of the Conservatory of Music in Kristiansand, where she studied flute. She has also studied composition and singing. From 2005-2008 she was Grete Pedersen’s assistant in the Norwegian Soloists. She has worked with several leading Norwegian choirs and ensembles, including the Norwegian Soloists , Vocal Art, Oslo Chamber Choir and the Academy of Music Chamber Choir.

Since December 2016 Marit has been artistic director and conductor of the Norwegian Students Choir, as well as the Kvindelige Students’ Choir and Vestoppland Chamber. She is the conductor team Ensemble Ylajali in Bodo, church musician in New York City church and teaches at Music Folkehøgskolen Viken.

She has appeared on numerous recordings both as a singer, conductor and flautist, and has won several national and international choir competitions with her choirs. She participated, among other things, in the European Choir Games in Magdeburg in 2015 with Kvindelige Students’ Choir, where the choir won both its classes. The choir is now number one on the intercultural global ranking of women’s choirs. With Canta del mar in 2015 she was awarded the Conductor prize.

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