Michael Bonshor

Dr Michael Bonshor is a Music Psychologist, specialising in musical wellbeing and positive psychology for performers.  He has a background as a professional opera singer with international contracts, and is a long-established singing teacher and workshop leader.

Michael has conducted a wide range of choirs, including choral societies, chamber choirs, open-access community choirs, musical theatre companies, male voice choirs, and women’s close harmony ensembles. His practical work focuses on encouraging inclusive participation and collaborative musical facilitation.

Michael’s book, ‘The Confident Choir: A Handbook for Leaders of Group Singing’, has been published by Roman & Littlefield: https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781538102787/The-Confident-Choir-A-Handbook-for-Leaders-of-Group-Singing. The book contains a range of psychological, philosophical and pedagogical approaches to confidence building for choir leaders and singers; transcribed conversations with singers about the positive and negative factors affecting their confidence; and practical activities and exercises for choral confidence building.

For more information about Michael’s professional work and research, contact him at pocketmaestro@hotmail.com