Luzili Mulindi-King

Luzili studied music at the NSM and Belfast University. She has worked in Kenya, the US and Norway as lecturer, music teacher, choral conductor and ethnomusicologist. She currently teaches piano and conducts two community choirs of male and female voices respectively.

Her research and documentation of children’s music from western Kenya highlighted some principles of the epistemology of music in that culture. She has applied these ideas when teaching music in diverse cultures and situations. Her teaching is also informed by the Kodály method of music education in which singing plays a vital role in developing musical skills.

After participating in the Hereford Music Festival for several years, she observed a significant dearth of boys in junior school mixed choirs. She asked the question: Does equal opportunity necessarily guarantee equal access? A Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship titled ‘Pitching it Right For Boys’ addressed this issue in Norway, Estonia and Kenya.