Farewell to the Festival!

On Sunday, our day started with a brilliant keynote from Dr Katie Overy to start our day of research-focussed sessions. Sessions in the morning included four further presentations of research papers, repertoire sessions, meet the composer and a session on lifelong singing with Jordan Travis! The Festival concluded with all delegates joining together to sing for David Lawrence before having lunch together and then starting their journeys back home.

We hope that the Festival provided all delegates with inspiration for the forthcoming year…and with sessions covering repertoire, European choral music, community choirs and research presentations (to name just a few!) we hope that there was something for everyone!

All delegates are invited to provide feedback for the Festival and it’s really valuable for us to hear your comments as we start planning for next year!

Feedback can be provided here (using the online form):

Alternatively, please return your paper feedback forms to Elisabeth Brierley, our Training Manager!

As we sign off from this year’s Festival blog, we couldn’t resist creating a final gallery slideshow with images of all five choirs who performed so wonderfully for us at the two Festival Gala Concert. Thank you to all the performers and conductors…and now the abcd team are signing off from 2019 Festival duties and moving on to other Autumn training events! For more information about upcoming abcd events, please do follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@abcdtweets) or visit our website.