National Youth Choir of Hungary

Conductors: Péter Erdei and László Norbert Nemes

The National Youth Choir of Hungary was founded in 2018 by the Ministry of Human Resources at the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music to commemorate the great composer Zoltán Kodály. This unique, 62 strong ensemble represented the Hungarian population of the entire Carpathian basin.

The main goal of the choir is to demonstrate the strength of human fellowship created through the Kodály system of musical education as well as to showcase the values of contemporary choral art of Hungary. Members of the choir come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds: there are students of music, architecture, chemistry, psychology, graphic design, information technology, linguistics, etc. among them, whilst other members have already graduated.

The choir’s programme in 2018 comprised of a one week intensive rehearsal period followed by a series of five concert in three countries, ending in Kecskemét, Hungary, seat of the Kodály Institute. This summer the choir will reconvene to fulfil two very important engagements. In July they will give a concert at the 30th International Kodály Seminar and Arts Festival in Kecskemét and in August they will perform at abcd’s 34th Annual Convention in Birmingham. Before departing to Britain however, they will perform their programme to the Budapest audiences at the Pesti Vigadó.